The name Deeps stuck to me since the day my Mom called me that, the official name is Deepu George Varghese, I know its too long so Deeps always sounded better.  Born on 7th October to Dr. P. George Varghese and Mrs Accamma Varghese , my childhood was extremely eventful as I was born in the beautiful continent of Africa in the country called Nigeria. The music and love of the people of Nigeria was the foundation of my love for people and music. As the years passed on we moved to India where I continued my eventful teenage life exposed to the dark side of music , college politics and dangerous liaisons.

Education and life itself were not important till I met Jesus on the hills of Charelkunne in Kerala and the encounter changed me. The lessons I learnt  and mistakes I made drove me closer to GOD and developed the sense of urgency to do more for HIM . “Jesus Inspires” is the word that lead me to do more and through music and my love for teens and young adults I started developing projects and ideas to reach out, leading to the creation of music bands and the concept of 3P (Prayer , Preparation and Practice) . Today through songs, poetry, short movies, vlogs and blogs, GOD has opened doors for me to do more and I continue to do more by building the ministry that GOD has provided me.

Not only in the ministry but GOD opened my mind to learning (Life and Leadership Coach and Trainer) and a career that has been a blessing eventually leading me to the woman who would be my soul mate.  Today I work in Dubai for SAP , married to Sindhu and blessed with  Andrew and Abigail.

To sum it all, frankly, Deeps is a vapour in the wind, a drop in the ocean, a sinner restored by GOD. Before I came to know our GOD , I had known the world. I have been in the depths of darkness and it is only by the hand of GOD that I have reached where I am today. Through the gifts He has given me, I pray that I will use them for His Glory and purpose inspiring people to live for Him as He inspires me through His Word and Spirit.