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BEFORE THE THRONE - Living in Worship Series 

When we stand before a generation of worshippers , who are we really standing before , is it the 100s of voices that shout together or is it the eyes of an individual that falls upon you or is it the very presence of the throne of God. To worship our God is an awesome experience but we tend to loose God during the process of worship by focusing on things that take us away from Him. 

One of my friends said " I am very humble during worship , I stand in the back and let others do the leading, I am there to…

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WORSHIP TEAM DYNAMICS -2 (Being Transparent) - Living in Worship Series 

The power of a band's unity is transparency and trust . I think we can all agree on that, well as the years go by rather than increasing these two critical factors it is clear that most of time the law of diminishing returns seem to apply. 

The question would be when these factors are suppose to increase why do they decrease and over the years I could probably highlight three factors that cause this problem -: 

1. Assumptions -: Our brain is a beautiful instrument and as time goes by we start assuming how…

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LOVING ONE ANOTHER - Living in Worship Series 

How hard can it be to love another within a band or choir?. All sing together , share together , pray together and worship together What would stop us from loving each other deeply, strongly and intentionally?.

There may not be a single team in the world that has not had a conflict. Conflict has some deep effects that make loving one another a hard job. Conflict is also important for the maturing process of a team as well as for removing obstacles that limits God's purpose. 

In light of this , may I say…

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THIS IS WAR - Living in Worship Series 

Worship is war, standing before our King and proclaiming His name, leading people to find grace in His Word and restoring faith in His power actually puts the enemy in fear. The war that arises is something we need to acknowledge and prepare for . This has to be done, in Word, in Prayer and in Action. 

The war comes in various forms, as the team prepares there arises sickness in the team, we see work and family issues arise , bitterness and envy grow within the team for very petty things. This becomes…

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WORSHIP TEAM DYNAMICS -1 (Being Together) 

What keeps a worship team together , is it the meeting up , is it the excitement of being on stage and hearing the applause ,is it the possibility of creating music or is it the pride of just being a part of something, nobody else is part of. 

The above are not wrong reasons but probably not the right reasons as well. A worship team comes together for one purpose and that is to Glorify God and if that remains the main reason then everything else will pass on . The question is how do we keep that focus…

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