Mighty GOD - DEEPS

These are the songs my kids gave to me through their words of love , questions of faith and love they have for GOD. May the future generations be blessed by these songs.

The Beginnings - DEEPS

Songs that come from my 24 years with the bands Life4orce, Rapture and Philip, George and Thomas . This was the beginning of my gospel musical journey. Love and peace to you all and pray these songs touch your heart and soul.

Music speaks and these songs come from my experience through fellowship and quiet times with the King , hope they speak to you too . Influenced by many artists across the years and keeping the focus on melody and truth in the words written, I believe the songs speak the Word as I have read, heard and seen in the Bible. Being a singer and songwriter my main purpose is to lead people to the Lord and follow His Life. Look forward to hear your views and pray to have the strength to do more for HIM. The songs you are about to hear are songs that I have written, sung and recorded with the bands Life4orce, Rapture and Philip, George and Thomas.

Thanks to Vinay , Binny and Seby of Life4orce for supporting the start of this journey. Thanks to Nibin, Roshan, AJ and Renzyl for allowing me to experiment through Rapture over the last 14 years and to Jikku , Raj and Pradeep for helping me move forward on this journey with encouragement and love. 
Jesus Inspires! 

Jesus Inspires! Initiative is an organization involved in the development and expansion of the teachings of Jesus through the arts, events and trainings. The sister organizations under this entity are LeadONN, THE PIT STOP and L4Creative.

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Scribblings from Edge of Heaven

My first book of Christian poetry , do pick up a copy. 

Scribblings from the Edge of Heaven is a book of Christian poems written and collected by the author over the last 22 years. The book looks into various stages of relationship with GOD and spiritual journey one takes through a challenging world. It is a reflection of the author's thoughts , words and emotions surrounded in relation with GOD. It is written in the hope that it lifts the heart of the reader to seek a closer walk with GOD.